Health and Fitness Goals for The New Year

I love to plan and this time of year is a time of reflection and planning.  I shared my running reflections from the previous year with my running recap of 2012 and now I am going to share with you my health and fitness goals for 2013.


I am a big believer of sharing your goals and dreams with others, so that they can help hold you accountable and keep you motivated.  I am not sure if I will be able to make and attain each of my goals … but I will try.

With all things in life, I am learning that it is easier to ADD to my goals rather than TAKE AWAY.  When I see that I am losing something, it makes me sad.  When I realize that I am gaining something… it is easier to maintain.

As with all goals and dreams, a plan must be made.  I am the type of person where I have to set a goal (dream) first… then I make my plan.  Today I am sharing with you my goals for the new  year.  Soon I will share with you my plan of attack to reach these goals.

Health Goals

I will be limiting my sugar intake.  (Notice I did not say giving up sugar).  My first plan of attack with this is to eliminate soda from my diet.

I will be focusing on proper nutrition.  Learning to cook with more fruits and vegetables for myself and my family.

I will be taking my multivitamin on a daily basis.

I would like to reach my healthy goal weight.  My peak racing weight.  My happy weight.  I would like to look on the outside how I feel on the inside.


Fitness Goals

I love all things fitness.  However, just going to the gym every day to do something doesn’t necessarily keep me motivated.  I need to have a goal to keep me motivated.  Here are my fitness goals for 2013.

My ultimate fitness goal is to make a SUPER PRE-CHILDREN personal best on the half marathon.  I barely squeaked by at the Nike Women’s Half Marathon this past October.  My goal is to smash that number.

I am going to challenge myself to new sporting events in 2013.  Challenge myself to go outside of my comfort level.  Be humbled by what I am truly capable of.  Learning what I can do.  Growing from it.  Being challenged to do more and overcome those uncomfortable I can’t do this moments.

I will be running my fifth half marathon in March.  I will be running the Shamrock Half in Sacramento.  I have already begun my training plan and am hoping to run healthy, run strong, and finish proud.

I will be running in the So. Cal Ragnar Relay in April.  Myself and nine other bloggers will meet up to spend a weekend full of running in the southern California sunshine.

I really really really want to do a color run in May with my husband and three boys!  I think it would be a super fun way to do something together as a family… running a FUN race together!

I want to (just need to sign up) train and run my first Triathlon this June.  I have met with a group who trains together and races together.  I think this would be a great way for me to train and learn what a triathlon is all about!

I have always wanted to do an obstacle course style race.  I have only done the typical road race.  I am keeping my eye out for fun runs like: mud runs, color runs, Warrior Dash, Spartan Race and more!

I think there is a Spartan Race in November that I would love to run!  This will require a lot of crossfit training to prepare for this race.  I love crossfit and I think this would add variety to my fitness training plan.

Who knows, I might decide to get all crazy and train for my first full marathon this year!?  Maybe a group of girlfriends and I will decide that running the CIM relay wasn’t enough… and we should run the whole distance together!?  That might be fun!

Maybe I will get lucky again and win the lottery to run the Nike Women’s Half Marathon again!  That would be awesome! That was such a fun race!

plans sail

Ultimate Health and Fitness Goal

Ultimately, my goal for 2013 is to remain active.  I want to maintain and continue a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family.  I want to challenge myself physically with my fitness goals.  I want to continue learning about nutrition and how to properly care for myself and my family.

Cheers to a healthy and active new year!

What are some of you health and fitness goals?

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  1. says

    YES PLEASE! Eliminate that soda from your diet! Have you ever heard of ZEVIA?? It’s a stevia sweetened soda (I even made a video about the brand cause I love it sooo much)… It’s an amazing replacement for your soda and it won’t even feel as if you’re ditching the soda!! Seriously, scope it out :)

    I am pleased to hear that you’re planning on reducing your sugar. If you can believe it, I haven’t had sugar in over 10 years (!!!) and I have to say, I have literally NEVER felt better before in my life!! I have a feeling you will too!

    BRING IT ON 2013!!
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted..Santa Claus, You Have Been Naughty!

  2. says

    Those are some awesome goals, Rachel! I’m working on my Goals post but one of them will be to run 1000 miles in 2013. I’m also with you on that full marathon thing. I feel like if I never do it, I’ll always be left wondering if I could do it. decisions decisions…

  3. Chuck Douros says

    Hi Rachel. Like your blog a lot. I put your recent article in my “related articles” queue on my most recent post on goal setting. :)

  4. says

    It sounds like you have accomplished so much already and have some really awesome goals planned for 2013. Good luck and I am sure you will have no problem with these goals since you already have your mind set to do them.

    Happy New Year!
    Rob recently posted..It’s All Our Fault


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