Happy Birthday To My Little BIG Man

Seven years ago today, I officially became a Mommy.  Two weeks over due, swollen and done with being pregnant… but so ready to meet my little man.  We walked into the hospital to be induced.  Only to find out that my little big man was not so little… and we had to have an emergency c-section.  My little big man was actually 10 lbs 3 oz. 

42 weeks pregnant

He will forever be dancing to the beat of his own drum.  Leading when he chooses and following when he deems necessary.  When he is comfortable and at peace, there is no rushing him to do something he isn’t ready to do.  When he is ready to move… watch out because nothing will stop him.

birthday runningrachel

Through the years I have been able to watch him grow into an amazing young man.  Full of compassion for others and the intelligence that surpasses beyond his young 7 years.  His blue-green eyes can make my heart melt.  His dimples make his female classmates squeal with delight.  He is my little heart breaker.

mommy and son

Even though he is not-so-little anymore.  I still see him as my little man.  His feet are almost as big as mine.  His hands fill mine when we hold hands.  Snuggling on the couch has been a juggle with long legs and arms… but we make it work when reading his favorite super hero books.  Forever my baby he will be.

birthday boy

Whether we are playing super heroes, Mario Brothers, putting together Legos, or fighting invisible bad guys.  You will always be my baby.  Happy 7th birthday, my sweet little – Big – Man!  I love you and am so proud of the young man you are becoming! Red heart


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      Yes! I was pretty miserable. I remember (first kid) not wanting to be induced, using NO drugs during labor, and just wanting nature to kick in. Well… 2 weeks over due (gained over 80lbs) and just plain miserable… I opted to be induced. Which ultimately ended up in an emergency c-section. BUT he came and was healthy. Silver lining. Happy birthday to your little one in a few months!

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