FitSpiration Friday!

Happy Fitness Inspiration Friday!!  Each week I share with you a fellow FitSpiration from across the web.  Someone who is a fitness inspiration to myself and those they meet.  This week’s fitspiration features my friend and fellow FitFluential Ambassador, Bonnie Lang.


Fitness Journey: More or less, my life has always been active with family hikes and running around outside growing up. I played a few sports but concentrated on running from junior high to high school (cross country and track), played rugby for a year in university and continued to use the gym and running to keep me in shape post-university. Soon thereafter, I followed in my mom’s footsteps and became a personal trainer. Four years later I’m loving it and have been training on my own, house-to-house, around Calgary with my own business. I love “lifestyle fitness” too and in the winters can be found back country skiing and in the summers rock climbing with my husband.

My fitness love: Long-distance running. My body LOVES to go long, and although I’ve never run a marathon distance before (furthest I’ve gone is 21 miles a few times), I have dreams of running a 50 mile race someday. I also have to say I love pushing my body during short, high intensity resistance training workouts. Think: 12 minutes of heart-pounding, muscle-moving exercises and then you’re done. Love getting a strong body!

Something that always keeps me motivated is this simple phrase: No one ever regrets a workout. And isn’t it the truth? None of my clients ever finish a workout and say, “Man, I wish I didn’t just do that” and it’s the same for me. Make it a commitment because consistency is key; that’s where you start to see change.

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