Don’t Be An Askhole

Do you know someone who constantly asks for your advice about a particular subject, yet throws your advice and carefully chosen words to the wind? I personally know a few people like that.  As a matter of fact, I am just like that.

There are many moments in my life where I am constantly asking the same questions hoping to get a different answer.  It is almost like the quote stating that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, hoping for a different result.  Well, being an askhole is asking the same thing over and over again yet doing the opposite of what was told to you.


Have you asked for tips and tricks on how to lose weight?  All the while getting frustrated when the number on your scale doesn’t move down… instead it goes up?  Are you currently or recently enjoyed a chocolaty hostess snack, cookie, creamy beverage from Starbucks or the like?

Are you doing what you know you need to do?  Drink water, move more, eat less! We all KNOW what we need to do to lose weight… it is the actual DOING part that is the hardest.  Now put down that cookie and lets workout!

For me my biggest ask hole question lately is: Should I homeschool or keep my child in public school?  To many who know me I am sure they are screaming YES! This is YOUR ask hole, Rachel! I am praying about our decision and going to try to keep my advice seeking questions to a minimum.

I admit, I am the biggest askhole and am always seeking what other people have to say on a particular subject.  Yet, it can be so frustrating when they deliberately take that advice and do the opposite.

My motivational Monday inspiration is to stop being the askhole and start being the example… make positive choices that will lead to a positive change.  The first step to a positive change is the hardest.  Let’s make that leap together! I am willing. I am committed.  I will put down my soft chocolate chip cookie, if you will too.  Let’s stop asking and start doing!

Are you an askhole?
What is the topic/subject that you tend to be guilty of asking advice for repeatedly?

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  1. says

    Very funny! My askhole question is: should I quit my job and stay home with my kids? (I’d send them to school, and work part-time from home). I struggle with my decision to work mostly because I’m not convinced that’s what I want to do with my life.

  2. says

    Wow! I had never heard this term before and it sounds so scary ugly, don’t you think? But I get your point, for sure… I have had experience with whiny co-workers who always have problems and if you try to help they find a reason why your advice is no good… shuts ya up pretty quickly. Sorta the same thing, I think.

    • says

      Haha I know! This was SO out of my typical element of posting… but I just had to. I heard this term a few weeks ago, and I nearly fell over from 1. shock 2. laughter! I am totally guilty of this on ALL LEVELS of my life. :)

  3. Angela S says

    I didn’t even know this word existed and OMG I have a relative who does this all the time. It makes me crazy that she always does the exact opposite from what I say.


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