My Baby Is No Longer a Baby

Three years ago today, I walked into a hospital ready to have my third baby.  Three years ago today, I was the proud mommy to three boys ages three and under (3 years, 20 months and newborn).  Life was crazy insane… but full of love.

Three years ago, my last baby I would ever bring into this world was born.  He was my runt, my smallest child at 8 lbsMy T-man was born.

He would forever change my life, our family dynamic and my heart.  He will forever be my baby. I totally get the book, “I will love you forever” because although I do love all my children, and they will all be my baby… there is something special about my baby, my last born.  I have a feeling that no matter how old he will be… forever my baby he will beI do promise not to sneak in his room when he is a grown man to rock him to sleep.

Yet, for some reason, him reaching the 3 year old milestone seems to big to me.  He is at the age where is is starting to sleep through the night… in his own bed.  He is showing interest in the potty.  He wants to ride a big boy bike.  He is wanting to do things himself.  He is no longer a baby… but growing into a big boy.

Today my baby turns THREE!

Where does the time go?
Happy birthday little man!!  We love you very much!

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