Quality Time Challenge

Time has been a topic that has been pressed down, shaken, and stirred around in my heart the past few days weeks months.  It always seems that I am lacking in time.  Running late.  Running behind.  Too busy. No time.

I hate to admit it, but there are days when I am even too busy to pay attention to my children.  Really focus on them and give them my complete attention.  Yes, I care for their needs.  I acknowledge them.  But do I really see them?  Do I give them the attention they seek, need, crave, desire?  too busy.

There are many days when I am too busy with other things, that I fail to spend time with the Lord.  I think of Him in passing… but I do not connect.

My family and friends all live far from me.  Yet I think of them often.  But I rarely make time to contact them to let them know they are on my heart and are missed.

Yet, I seemingly always have time to check email, facebook, twitter, and basically wander aimlessly throughout my day.  Without real purpose.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, busy, with a lack of time!?

Ever recalculate where you spent your time each day?

I have been caught off guard by the amount of time I spend on useless time suckers.  When my heart is screaming to spend time with those I love.  My priorities.  My friends, family and God.

What if you had only five minutes to spend QUALITY time with your child today?  Would you make time for them?

What if you had only five minutes to spend QUALITY time just being with your Creator?  Would you sit and bask in His presence?

What if you had only five minutes to send out a quick text to let your friend or family member you are thinking of them?  Would you bless them with your thoughtfulness?

This is my heart.  This is my struggle. I struggle with quality time.  Spending quality time with those I love and verbalize as my priority.  My heart.

Quality Time Challenge

I am sharing my struggle with you, in the hope that you hold me accountable.  I am challenging myself to spending 20 minutes of quality time with each of my children each day.  In the grand scheme of things, the time is small.  It only amounts to a little over 2 hours a week of quality time spent with your child.

Imagine all the good that can come from that quality time spent with each other.  Time to reconnect.  Time to share.  Time to listen.  Time to just be present for your child.  Time to just be.

I challenge you to making a conscious effort to spend quality time with your children this week.  Make time for what is important.  If 20 minutes is too much, can you offer 10 minutes of your time?

What if you had only 5 minutes to spend quality time with your child?  Would you do it?

Interested in joining me?  Please link up or comment below to let me know you will be sharing this journey with me! Join me!

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    You have been inside my head! It seems I’m always saying “Okay, today was crazy, but tomorrow. Tomorrow I will have more time because I need to do this.” Then tomorrow comes. And again. But I still don’t feel like there’s enough time. Never enough time.

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    This –> “Yes, I care for their needs. I acknowledge them. But do I really see them?” I completely identify. This is a great idea. I’ve been trying to be more conscious about the time that I spend with my kids and try to be present with them and not think about the gazillion other things that I could or should be doing. Our kids deserve our attention.
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