Motivation Monday: Let What You Love Be What You Do!


Happy Motivation Monday! I found this post on pinterest and I had to share with you.  Let what you love be what you do!  How fitting this quote applies to my life.  I love my CHILDREN.  I love my GOD.  I love my FAMILY.  I love to RUN!

If I focus on what I love (and not all that other junk that gets in the way)… and be what I do… it will be a successful, LOVE FILLED, happy day!

Do what you love.  Focus on what you love.  Let every other stressor, distraction, and nay sayer fall by the way side!  This journey called life yours.  Don’t let anyone else dictate what is important.  Do what YOU love!  Be what YOU DO! Smile

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  1. Jeniffer says

    Let What You Love Be What You Do! Great! I love this quote… If we apply this in our life, for sure everyone will stay happy… Doing what we love to do is really can make anyone feel satisfied. Thanks for sharing this.
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