Fitting in Fitness with THREE Feisty Boys

We survived our first full week of summer vacation.  I must admit, I forgot how challenging it can be juggling THREE active personalities throughout the day… all day long.  Keeping them busy, entertained, happy, FED, and not constantly fighting with each other (or me).

I do enjoy having them all home (even if the adjustment is only adding my oldest home during the morning).  However, the biggest adjustment for me is fitting in my fitness each day.  My morning runs on the trail have hit a kink (as the oldest needs to ride his bike… which results in the middle AND YOUNGEST) wanting to ride their bikes also.

I have adjusted by doing more family walks and bike rides with the boys. Then taking advantage of my husband being home or the YMCA to get in a good sweat fest.

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I am proud to say that I was able to fit in fitness this week.  The boys covered quite a few miles on their feet (or bikes) also!  This past week was more focused on getting a new family routine and summer schedule set in place.  We did a lot of reading, imaginative play and keeping busy.

What I did (fitness) last week:

Sunday: HOT evening (after boys went to sleep) 5.34 mile run to run the crankies away
Monday: Bootcamp Style Strength Class (stations)
Tuesday: 5 mile tempo run on the treadmill
Wednesday: 1 mile walk/run with the boys; 4 mile easy treadmill run
Thursday: 1.11 mile bike ride to the park with the boys
Friday: 1 mile walk to the park w/the boys & 9 mile SOLO run on the trail
Saturday: walked 1.57 miles to (and from) a friends house for a graduation party

My Fitness PLAN for this coming week:
*We will be on vacation this week… so I am thankful that this is a recovery week for me*

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 5 miles easy
Wednesday: 4 miles easy
Thursday: rest
Friday: 4 miles easy
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 5 miles easy

How do YOU fit in fitness when on vacation?
What is on your fitness plate this week?

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  1. says

    My first week of summer vacation with my 2 boys is starting tomorrow. I can totally relate to your post because you need to get creative in order to get your work-out in. But you also don’t want to lose sight of your job as mommy-that is to spend time with your kids and have a fun summer. I hope I can adjust my schedule so that I do not lose my training program (I am doing the NY marathon in November) but at the same time keep focused on spending quality time with my boys.
    Good luck next week on vacation- I always have grand plans to exercise on vacation and they usually don’t happen. Have fun & eat well!

  2. says

    Just started vacation… I’m hoping for daily 40 minute runs and a 10 some morning. I’ll be pushing the double, so it should be a good workout!

    Great blog!!


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