FitSpiration Friday!!

Happy Fitness Inspiration Friday! Each week I feature and share with you a fitness inspiration, a friend who inspires me in the realm of fitness.  This week’s inspiration is my fellow FitFluential Ambassador friend, Kelsey.


I grew up playing softball and basketball. I played travel ball up until I started high school. I decided to "retire" because it was too much like a job. I wanted to enjoy time with friends and dedicate my focus on my school work. So, I started going to the YMCA with my mom after school. I slowly become more and more interested in learning about fitness. I added strength training in addition to lots of cardio. You can read my whole story on the "About Me" section on my blog at

My fitness LOVE is definitely DANCE IT OUT! It’s kinda like Zumba, but they only use modern pop songs! It’s SO MUCH FUN! I love just being able to dance and sing (yes, I sing while I’m dancing) my little heart out. I don’t care what anyone thinks. I just have an absolute BLAST! It’s so much fun AND a workout at the same time! That’s a win win in my book! I even performed at a Vanderbilt basketball half time show! You can read all about that on this post:

My one piece of fitness advice is to do WHAT YOU LOVE. If you don’t like running, find something else that you enjoy doing. As long as you keep it fun, you will keep working out. 

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