Finding our New Groove: Summer Schedule

This is the first full week of summer vacation for my little family.  Although it is feeling more like spring, weather wise.  Having all three boys home is taking a bit of an adjustment for me.  Honestly, who thought adding one more little boy body would add so much more noise and chaos.  I guess I forgot what it was like to have them all home – all day long – at the same time.

I am quickly remembering. 

In order for my Type A personality to succeed this summer and not lose my mind, I need to set and establish a workable (yet flexible) schedule/routine. 

Summer Schedule copy

As you can see, I try to keep things moving throughout the day.  Giving the boys enough freedom with free play, yet providing them structure to move from one activity to the next.  I have found that rotating activities every 30 minutes or so really keeps them engaged and limits fighting. 

However, if/when they are playing nice together on a particular activity… I do not interrupt them to move on to the next item on the schedule.  I let the day flow … and intervene when needed.

I use the schedule as a guideline… I don’t use it as a must follow each step exactly.  Smile

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Hopefully soon, I will share with you some of our summer reading prompts for journal time, morning chores, devotional ideas, and fun daily themed activities!

Basically, my summer schedule is to do my best to unplug more, focus on THEM, and make memories each day.  I follow the schedule to keep some form of routine and structure to our day… without feeling like it is a military boot camp… or a free for all unstructured play center.  Trying to find that delicate balance to our summer fun is where it is at!

Do you follow a summer/daily schedule with your children?


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      You could! I made it pin(able) for those needing an idea. It is pretty broad… giving freedom to the mom & kiddos. BUT I personally like having an idea of what comes next. My boys do too :)

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    My little one isn’t even in school, but just the change in schedule for the whole family and more activities is throwing me. I need to get back into a daily routine, other then just getting my runs in. Thanks for the inspiration!
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