Choosing to Enjoy the Scenery

Young kids have so much energy.  My boys are always wiggling with an abundance of energy!  They rarely sit still and when they do it is a treat.  My husband and I do our best to find fun activities to involve our boys to help aid their wiggles.  Basically help get rid of all their energy.

We go for hikes, ride bikes, encourage long jumps on the trampoline, even race each other on the river trail… anything to have fun together and help get the wiggles out each day.

Yesterday morning, we loaded up the two younger boys and headed for a family bike ride on the river trail.  Little T, 2 years old, did a fantastic job riding his balance bike the whole way.  Mr P, 4 years old, is a great bike rider with incredible leg stamina.  The bike ride was a great way to help the boys get rid of some excess energy and have fun while at it.  Heck, both little boys slept through the night last night!! That is a miracle in itself too!!  Exercise is good for both adults and children to help aid in a good nights sleep! Smile

The key to riding bikes as a family (with young children) is to enjoy the scenery along the way.  There will be many pit stops: pick flowers, point out dog poop, look at the geese, etc.  Riding to get your heart pumping or for real exercise isn’t really going to happen… but riding to make memories will happen.

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