Training Plan Tuesday #FitFluential

Happy Tuesday! Planning to succeed is my goal… so a plan I must make!  Sharing with you my weekly goals, meal plans and fitness plan helps hold me accountable and keeps me motivated.

Tuesday Training Plan

My training last week was consistent.  I focused more on strength and ran when I could.  My oldest was home on spring break, so I went with the flow and enjoyed working out when I had the opportunity.  I forgot how much easier it is to fit in a solid run on the trail with just two kids versus three.


Last week’s Training:

Monday: Hard Work Conditioning Class (strength) + 3.56 mile SOLO trail run 
Tuesday: I attempted ZUMBA! What a hoot!! 
Wednesday: Interval (strength) Class
Thursday: 3 mile run on the treadmill, 30 minutes of ZUMBA (getting easier to follow) & 30 minutes of Turbo Kick
Friday: Hard Work Conditioning Class (strength)
Saturday: Ran 6.75 miles on the river trail (SOLO! and saw a bobcat!!)
Sunday: Rest – easy 5 mile family bike ride

This Week’s Training Plan:

Monday: Hard Work Conditioning Class (Strength Training) Life happened! Family First!
Tuesday: Run!!!
Wednesday: Interval Pump (Strength Training)
Thursday: Run!!!
Friday: Hard Work Conditioning Class (Strength Training)
Saturday: Walk? Bike Ride? Run? 
Sunday: Rest – Family Day

I am not a fitness professional (although I would love to perhaps explore that opportunity some day). These training plans are for my sole purpose and are created to help hold me accountable and moving with my fitness goals (stay active and add strength).


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