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I love music.  No, I am not a musical person.  Nor do I play a musical instrument.  But there is something sweet and simple about listening to good quality music.  When I find a great band or group that moves me… I want to share it with others.

As a mom, my music library is filled with kid songs ranging from the Wiggles to Vacation Bible school classics.  When in the car (and the littles are not shouting their demands for Veggie Tales or other request) I am able to listen to KLove or AirOne on the radio.  Yet, sometimes I am needing and wanting something deeper.  Something that can speak to me as a Wife. Mother. Woman.

Recently I was introduced to Christy Nockles and was able to review her upcoming CD (released today!) Into The Glorious.  My first impression was that she is truly gifted!  Her voice is smooth and speaks calm to my crazy chaotic (loud!) life.


In my (loud) house, I really like to play praise music in the background.  In attempt to fuse Christ into our (loud and chaotic) routine.  Yet sometimes silly Pandora slips in Skillet or Reliant K into the mix and my smooth, relaxing morning is now loud and chaotic once again.  However, when I listen to Christy’s CD… I feel at peace. Calm.  I can breathe in God’s calming goodness reminding me to lean on Him.

Her words speak to me as a wife, mother, woman.  Her words of worship are simple, to the point and speak straight to my heart.  Amidst my tackling Mt. Laundry, making breakfasts, lunches and wiping snotty noses… I am reminded to praise God.

Jesus you are wonderful.   God is in my small stuff.  He is with me and my chaos… always helping me when I call out for help.

Just be loved… because He loved me.  Even on those days where I feel under appreciated, hurt, or invisible… I am reminded that I am loved.  I am loved by my heavenly father.

Jesus is all that I need. I don’t need the chocolate chip cookies in my pantry.  I don’t need that new purse.  I need to lean on Jesus and remind myself of his promises… He has overcome and is all that I need.

If I could list the words to each song, I would.  Christy’s songs are a cry from my heart to Christ… and through her music I am able to find my words… when all I can muster is a grunt, cry or groan.  Listening to her music brings calm to my crazy, chaotic life and helps me regroup and refocus on Christ.  Reminding me that God is a great God, and he lovingly wraps his arms around me (even on sleepless nights and cranky non-coffee mornings).

Disclosure: I received a free album to facilitate my review. This post has been compensated.  All stories and opinions are my own.

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