FitSpiration Friday!

Happy Fitness Inspiration Friday!  Each week I feature a friend who inspires me to live a fit and active lifestyle.  This week I am excited to introduce you to my friend Corrina.  She recently ran her first marathon and rocked it! She is my fitspiration!



Tell me a little bit about your fitness journey.

I was an active kid and since high school an on and off again exerciser. My journey really began sometime in 2005 when my sister invited me to meet her and a few others at a local lake for a run. I hated running. I never liked running the mile in school. Boys made fun of my curly hair that bounced when I ran. These things traumatize you. And I hit the end of a waterslide in high school badly spraining both ankles (no my parents didn’t sue, but we should have) and running made them ache. Somehow, I completed 1 VERY SLOW mile–but technically I was running. And I was hooked.

As a working mom, running was a way I could have “me” time with my daughter along in the jogger. I didn’t like the idea of going to a gym and putting her in childcare or leaving her to go running. I was so excited to be a mom and if I could have her with me, I wanted her with me. Running was perfect for this.

Since then I have run 4 half marathons, 3 10k Mud Runs and I recently completed my first full marathon (January 2012).

Future goals: to keep getting faster. I know I have more speed in me and I’m working to find it.

What is your fitness LOVE?

Running, hands down. It is good for my body, good for my mind and good for my soul. I also love me some Jillian Michaels and Insanity is my newest discovery. I haven’t don’t much cross-training with my marathon training, but I’m looking forward to varying my workouts again.

What is your ONE piece of fitness advice you find helpful to keep you motivated?

I never regret a run but I often regret not running. (or whatever fitness activity I had planned) It’s so easy to push it off, to sleep in, to skip a workout because there ARE a lot of things and little people, and a husband calling my name. But a run clears my head, works out stress and gives me endorphins that often last the entire day—and even into the next day if it was a really good run. The endorphins in my blood may fade a after a bit, but the ones in my mind last a lot longer.

Corrina is my FitSpiration! You can continue to be inspired by following her journey on her blog

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