Slowing Down and Being Present

We live in a fast pace world.  We drive fast cars, we eat fast food, we even talk fast.  We are held captive by the mysterious instant gratification bug.  The quicker you lose the weight the better.  The earlier you teach your child to use the toilet the better. 

Quicker, faster, sooner… fast! Fast! FAST!

The past few weeks I have been jolted to my core.  It is almost as if God is knocking (loudly) on my heart telling me to SLOW DOWN!  In all my haste to move quickly, get things done fast, and GO! GO! GO! I am missing out on many important things in my life.


When I choose to take a step back and observe, breathe in God’s goodness and mercy, and just be in the moment I am able to slow down. Amidst the chaos and noise my busy life brings, when I pause and slow down… spurts of gentleness and sweet moments are seen.  Moments I would normally miss.

My goal as a Mom is to slow down and breathe in all the goodness (and stinkiness) of my children. 

Really REALLY listen to them.
Really REALLY play with them (put the phone down).
Really REALLY slow down and play on their level.
Really REALLY be with them.

It is a daily struggle to stop the (unimportant other) distractions and make my children my true attention.  My laundry, dishes, phone calls, emails, blogging… can wait.  My children need me in this moment.  I need to be careful and wise with my choices… ceasing each opportunity.

Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Ephesians 5:15-16

As a mom, it is up to me to teach my children right from wrong.  I must make every opportunity a teaching moment.  If I am too busy doing other things, I am missing out on those important learning moments. 

I am always learning.  God is still knocking loudly on my heart multiple times each day to slow down, live the moment, and really be present with my life.  Live in the moment.

Do you need to slow down?  Are there moments you are missing when you are busy playing the fast paced life?  How do you slow down to really live in the moment?


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    I slow down by getting up early in wee hours of darkness and going to bed in wee hours of darkness…
    i know that sounds like the complete opposite but by getting up early, going to bed later I have more time in the ‘day’ to go slow and be here for my daughter and do everything else too.
    I’m working right now because she’s still at the ex’s but once she’s home no more work…just focus on her…especially since today is a ‘trying’ day with death of cat so she’ll be upset and I need to be here for her…
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      I think what you are doing works for you and is fantastic. You are unplugged when your daughter needs you the most (whereas I do most of my computer work during waking hours). Kudos to you!!

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    I do NOT slow down! It’s rare that I do but today…oh today…I went for a pedicure. I haven’t had one in 14 years. Good lord have I been missing out. Now I’m off to an all girls lunch, no kids! I always come back as a refreshed Mother and Wife when I get down time. It’s rare but I do make it happen when I can. :)
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    I’m working on getting in the habit of shutting down my computer when they get home from school until after dinner. Some weekends I’m really good at focusing on them and doing things with them. I need to try harder there too ;o)
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