FitSpiration Friday!

Happy Fitness Inspiration Friday! I hope you have had a fantastic first week of the new year and are on track with your fitness goals.  This week’s fitspiration feature is my good friend, Kia.  She is a wealth of information regarding fitness, healthy living, and more!


Tell me a little bit about your fitness journey.

Breastfeeding her baby before doing a sprint tri this past August!I grew up a jock and did soccer and track for college.  I continued life as wildlife biologist and had a chance to fight wild land fire when working for the government that parlayed into me being a biological researcher in remote places which was awesome for backpacking in some beautiful country.  In the year before I went to grad school I backpacked a good deal working in Montana and California and completed a 1/2 Ironman.  While in grad school I had a pretty bad car accident that ended my PhD work and put me in physical therapy for 18 months to walk and be pain-free again.  Since then I have gone on to obtain several yoga certifications and push myself to run and simply be grateful I can move.  Next up, more play.

What is your fitness LOVE?

Backpacking.  Being outside in remote places and simply moving is always like a walking meditation for me.

What is your ONE piece of fitness advice you find helpful to keep you motivated?

Chill out, moving is fun after all.

Taking a break in the middle of a fun hike with her son (then 14 months)

Kia is an inspiration to me on many topics not just fitness.  I hope you found her inspirational as well.  You can follow her journey, inspiration, and more through her blog Bodhi Bear, facebook, and twitterKia is my FitSpiration!

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