FitSpiration Friday!

Happy Fitness Inspiration Friday! I hope your first month of 2012 has been a fit, active, healthy and fun one!  Keeping  up with the tradition from the past few months, this week I am featuring a woman who is a fitness inspiration to me.  I have only known her a short amount of time, but I have been inspired by her through daily mile and twitter. She is a fellow fit mom and you know my heart, I love when mom’s fit fitness in their day!   Jacqi is my fitspiration!


Tell me a little bit about your fitness journey

I’m married to a personal trainer so I always feel like I should be striving for a new fitness level in some way.  My passion is running but I feel overall fitness is very important and therefore I try to work in weights, cardio and cross training.  My goal for this year was to complete my very first marathon which I did in Nashville on April 30th.  Once I completed that I set a new running goal to become a half fanatic.  I wanted to run 8 half marathons in a year (5 of which were June – Aug).  I became a half fanatic in August and will get my 2nd moon and 8 half marathon this Saturday, Oct 29th at the Healdsburg Half.  In pursing my Half Fanatic goal I made a deal with my husband that I would have an “off season” of November – January in which I would not compete in any races.  During my offseason I decided I’m going to focus my fitness workouts on biking and swimming with the hopes of entering back into the triathlon world in 2012.  I am also looking to start CrossFit 3 days a week to supplement as a weight workout.  I’m pretty excited to change paths for a while and see how my body reacts.

What is your fitness LOVE?

I LOVE to run.  I love the freedom it gives me, the sense of accomplishment and of course the runner’s high.  However, the thing I think I love most of all about working out is seeing my body reach new limits.  The thrill of PRing in a race, or maxing out at 135 on bench, or out squatting the guy next to me is what drives me to keep working hard.  My body is built for muscle building over cardio so I’m really excited to see what new limits CrossFit will take me to.

What is your ONE piece of fitness advice you find helpful to keep you motivated?

I have a few motivators:

1. My husband –  I enjoy making him proud with my fitness achievements.

2. My kids – working out makes me a better mom.  It allows me time for myself and relieves stress so I’m relaxed and focused during playtime.

3. Bikini Challenge – anytime I’m really not motivated to go to the gym but I know I should.  I pull out my bikini, put it on and stand in front of the mirror.  Works every time!

If you would like to continue to be inspired and motivated, you can follow her journey through her blog!  She is my fitness inspiration!

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